Purchasing a Kitten

My kittens are all born and raised in my Kitten Room.My Queens all roam freely together, helping look after all the kittens,they all get along and are beautiful natured.

The kittens are wormed every 2 weeks from birth, are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated when they reach 1kg. The mums are still in the kitten room, and usually Wean their babies themselves.

They start nibbling at a young age around 4 weeks old, and I leave Royal Canin Baby Cat biscuits out for them to graze on at liberty.

I introduce wet food when they are a bit older, and i feed a raw food diet of fresh red meat or lean mince, chicken, chicken necks and tuna.

I also feed my adult cats rabbit- which can be purchased at a butcher shop.

I also make up a mixture of lean mince, chicken mince, tuna and I add an egg- this is a high protein feed to help them grow as big as possible.The baby cat biscuits still provide them with calcium and other dietry needs.

Chicken necks are a good sourse of calcium too, and also make them work at chewing and biting, keeping their teeth clean and free of tarter build up that can result in gingervitis.

I change the biscuits to Royal Canin Maine Coon/Dental and Hairball after they are 12 months old. I have always left the biscuits out for free grazing in a self feeder, and continue with the raw food diet daily.

They grow up with scratch posts, play toys and other kittens to interact with.I spend alot of time with them and so they are used to being handled.I send regular photos as your baby grows,so as you can see how much they change in this early part of their life.

To secure one of my kittens, I ask for a $500 holding deposit. (this is non- refundable) 

The balance of your kitten of $1500 is to be paid in full BEFORE pickup or flight of your kitten.


 I fly my kittens all over Australia  and I deliver them to the terminal myself so as they are travelling for the shortest possible amount of time.

Your kitten is vet checked and comes with a vet certificate of its health.

My babies have polydactyl feet, which simply means they have extra toes.keep their claws trimmed regularly.

Tundra cats have a loose curl in their ear. I recomend regular ear cleaning eg - once a fortnight  

Kittens ears curl tightly at a couple of days old, then over the next 8 weeks they will uncurl again to a loose curl.

Kittens are all registered and come with registration papers from their societies.