My Breeding Program

I discovered this breed in 2010 whilst researching all different breeds on the internet. I was imediatley in love, but the thought of importing scared me as I had heard so many bad stories lol.

I decided to start working on a breed of my own here instead,which would resemble the highlander but without the curled ears! It got the better of me, and I decided to take the leap and bring in some highlanders from the USA. I contacted a-lot of breeders, who put me onto other breeders, and this went on for quiet a while, until I found someone who was happy to hold the cats for me for 9-12 months, and who also reconmended other breeders for different lines.

Finally in May 2012 I had them safe and sound at home with me.

I had been breeding Maine Coons for the past several years, and this breed was also used to add size to the highlander as an allowable outcross for some time in the USA.(as well as other domestic outcrosses).

I opened my lines up here by crossing my own Maine Coons into my breeding program.I have specifically chosen my kittens to be used for breeding, aiming at improving the standard, and working on an even larger highlander/highland lynx, with good thick bone,masculine broad heads,tall in the shoulders, strong bob tails and I have fallen for the polydactyl feet- and I am aiming to only produce polydactyls in the future.

The short coats are thick and soft and darker in winter, and silky smooth in summer. I still have a few with long hair, but my personal preference is short.

I have a mixture of ears at this point in my breeding, but am aiming for all tightly curled ears.

I am very passionate about breeding these stunning cats and the most important thing I look for is their temperement!

ALL my breeding highlanders/highland lynx have OUTSTANDING temperements which they pass down to their offspring.