About Me

My love of animals started very young, never having any less than 5 cats at one time.

It was my mum who took on all the strays and desexed and fed them, and I took it upon myself to win them over.

So it is no surprise that I have ended up breeding.

Our cats are a big part of our family,always having at least two inside with us at all times, as well as an entire room in our house devoted to queens and kittens.

Outside I have built beautiful big enclosures, with big climbing posts, tree branches and logs and even a pond with fish.

My children have grown up surrounded by animals, learning love and care, joys and sadness.




First litter of the season 2016
With Aslan my big maine coon boy.
with the servals at Mogo Zoo. Amazing experience!!
My Mum with the cheetahs at Canberra Zoo.
with the cheetah at Jamala ~ Canberra zoo
feeding a lion at Jamala.