Tundra breed info

Tundra breed info

The Tundra breed was officially recognised in December 2017, with the rare and exotic feline registry. 

They are a large breed of domestic cat with big beautiful personalities to match. Tundras are easily trained to do tricks and walk on a harness. 

I developed this breed here in Australia, with the influence of my imported highlanders, maine coons and other specifically chosen domestic breeds. My major aim was to produce a very healthy large breed of cat, that would resemble the look of the canada snow lynx, with health and temperament being priority. My major goal was to produce a beautiful strong breed with no hereditary diseases what-so-ever as most of our pure bred cats have many. I have accomplished this task with specific outcrossing instead of line breeding(in-breeding) which is so exceptable in the main registries in Australia.

Tundras come in a variety of solid colours only.(no white markings)

All Tundra kittens ears are tightly curled a few days after birth. Their ears will then un-curl to a loose curl up to 8 weeks old.

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Tundra cub
Canada snow lynx Ref - felidaefund.org