Tundra breed info

Tundra breed info

The Tundra breed was officially recognised in December 2017, with the rare and exotic feline registry. 

They are a large breed of domestic cat with big beautiful personalities to match. Tundras are easily trained to do tricks and walk on a harness. 

I developed this breed here in Australia, with the influence of my imported highlanders, maine coons, bengals and manx. My major aim was to produce a very healthy large breed of cat, that would resemble the look of the canada snow lynx, with health and temperament being priority. My major goal was to produce a beautiful strong breed with no hereditary diseases what-so-ever as most of our pure bred cats have many. DNA testing has been carried out during my time of breeding this breed starting with healthy stock, and recently testing again  

Tundras have come in a variety of colours during development,  but will ultimately end up being blue in patterns of leopard spotted, classic, smoke, snow, solid, silver and charcoal.(no white markings)

All Tundra kittens ears are tightly curled a few days after birth. Their ears will then un-curl to a loose curl up to 12 weeks old.

My Tundra cats are now registered with The rare and exotic feline registry


www.rareexoticfelineregistry.com            and 

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Tundra cub
Canada snow lynx Ref - felidaefund.org